Harbour Market Whitstable

An open-air showcase of locally-created, British made, premium and hand-crafted goods and fine art. Set in the working harbour of Whitstable, a unique and quirky fishing town on the north east coast of Kent.

Enjoy the paintings, drawings, prints and photography of artists settled alongside skilled craftspeople, who feature an eclectic roster of distinctive goods, including jewellery, wrought iron work, ceramics, textiles and furniture.

With such a diverse mix of artistic styles, there is something to suit each budget and match every taste. With the added bonus of meeting the makers and creators themselves.

The micro eateries serve a mouth watering variety of food ranging from fresh wraps, home-made fish burgers, Britain's favourite dish - curry, and it would not be Whitstable without a delicious serving of fried fish.

Harbour Market Traders

  • Photography by La Mer

  • The Little Songbird Knitting Co

  • Lampshades by WeirdandGilly

  • Raindrops and Rainbows

  • MADE by MACK and Davis Designs

  • Janeyjonks Handcrafted

  • The Candy Gallery - Art to Eat

  • Wayne Reeves Art

  • Jonathan Hogbin

  • Stephen Harries Glass

  • Candlewick Green

  • Pearl Harbour

  • Nina Harris

  • Harbour Smith

  • The Driftwood Shack

  • expose10 fine art

  • The Frying Dutchmen

  • Keith Coffee

Who's Behind the Market?

The 3 people involved in Artisan Collaboration, were all previous traders at the Harbour.

Keith Allen, makes a delicious cup of coffee with a free donut.

Stephen Randal, wonderful gold and silver jewellery, he trained as a silversmith, and his objet d’art are a fantastic example of ‘Best of British’.

Jo Vogelaar, works mainly with pearls, using both precious metals and other materials to show their natural beauty and original design.

Their shared vision of a lively community based market, encompassing everything that is ‘made in Britain and local’ brought them together to set up Artisan Collaboration Whitstable.

Who's behind the Harbour

Applying to Trade

Harbour Market Whitstable is situated in the working harbour of Whitstable, a unique, lively and thriving fishing town. The market is set on south quay next to the popular Harbour Cafe.

The market has 35 timber clad huts, some facing the harbour and those behind surrounding a communal area. There is a new entrance coming into the market from Harbour street and 3 other open areas leading into the communal area.

28 of the huts are 2.9m x 2.8m in size and are for year round rental and 7 huts are 2.8m x 2m are are for use of Pop - Up rental on either a weekend or weekly basis. 

All huts are fitted with LED lighting, electric points and fire extinguishers.

We are a friendly community of traders who like to pride ourselves on a high standard of high quality products, helpful customer service and supportive attitude to each other.

For these reasons there is a selection process - to see if your products fit our criteria of being handmade/original and sold by independent traders. 

For more information please download our traders information and application form

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