The Candy Gallery- Art you can eat!

20th September 2018
The Candy Gallery- Art you can eat!

If you have been passed Harbour Market and haven't seen the Candy Gallery, you're in for a treat!…

 "Having friends and family that loves marzipan, I became bored of buying the usual boxes of marzipan fruits. Finding no suitable alternatives I decided to see what I could create myself. My very first creation was a small pink elephant. I placed five ten pound notes in its trunk wrapped up in cling film, resulting in a fun gift which was also an innovative way of giving money! The positive response to my early work encouraged me to continue and this art form soon became my passion. I also then decided to continue this same craft using fudge too, or even a mixture of both! I only ever use the freshest ingredients to ensure a long shelf life and my creations are entirely edible as I don't use sticks or props. Each creation is entirely hand crafted with care and attention to detail and tastes as good as it looks!" Lesley Barnard/ The Candy Gallery.

The Candy Gallery Hut stocks over 20 flavours of Handmade Fudge including coconut ice, honeycomb, nut brittle and marzipan, all made in the traditional way. There is also a selection of marzipan and fudge creations ready for purchase in the "Art to Eat" cabinet. 






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